St Ives Sound Studios

Nestled away in a quiet St Kilda back street, St Ives Sound Studios is where the bulk of our projects begin. We also do a large bulk of our editing, vocal tracking and post production at this facility. In a comfortable writing room equipped with a wide array of both current and vintage mics, guitars, keyboards and pre-amps, artists have enjoyed spending hours upon hours in this creative space. The rosellas in the tree out the back are a nice touch too!


Set amongst the trees and the mountains, El Perro Productions run many of our recording sessions form this studio. Frequently used for drum sessions, and full band recordings, the tranquil setting surrounding Echidna is a perfect location for those wishing to escape the stress of the city and lock down to some serious music making.

Sing Sing Recording Studios

Considered Australia’s premier recording facility, Sing Sing Recording Studios is a favourite of ours at El Perro Productions.  Armed with a list of microphones amongst the most extensive in the southern hemisphere and built to accommodate anything from a solo vocal to a 26 piece orchestra, its no surprise that the team at El Perro Productions keeps returning to Sing Sing to add that special something to their projects.