Ariel Blum (Writer /Producer/Multi-Instrumentalist)


Ariel Blum is a Melbourne based writer/producer whose list of credits seems to be growing by the week.

Having cut his teeth as guitarist/band leader of Melbourne 9-piece soul band Pablo Discobar for eight years, Blum naturally gravitated towards studio production and composition, with a hunger to immerse in as many forms of music as he could. This sense of exploration and curiosity took Blum to Granada, Spain, where he lived for two years studying flamenco guitar and regularly taking short visits to London to work on a number of writing projects.

Over the past three years, Blum’s production and writing skills have been in high demand. Recent credits include producing records for Telescopes, The Fabric, One Giant Thing, Aya-Rosa, Blashki, Sarah Rzek, Eeda, Daughter of Dynamite, as well as co-writing credits for Cash For Gold and Straythread, the latter having recently been nominated in the Independent Music Awards Folk category. He has also leant his unique sound to remixes for Owl Eyes and The Temper Trap.

Blum’s composition work has featured in numerous TVC and short films for a range of creative agencies including C-Kol, Clemenger BBDO, Cummins and Ross, Aquarius Films, Elevator Productions, Kojo, Trump Models (NYC) Manikin and am:lab.

Ariel Blum is published by Gaga Music

Ayesha Mehta (Vocal Coach)

Ayesha Mehta is a classically-trained singer and voice teacher who has performed jazz, contemporary, western classical and experimental sound works in Australia and internationally. With a Bachelor Degree in Music and vocal performance from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Ayesha has performed in Sydney at such venues as Bar Me/The El Rocco Jazz Cellar, and has been involved with the ground-breaking multimedia pop band The Lumiphonic Creature Choir, both as a vocalist and as a co-collaborator in the creation of the original lumiphonic instrument.  The Lumiphonic Creature Choir spent 2010 performing for Sydney’s Underbelly Arts Festival, on Cockatoo Island, and an extravagant night at the Bundanon Trust along the Shoalhaven River. Ayesha places a strong emphasis on learning to be comfortable with the sounds our bodies make. Learning about oneself through sound contributes to self-esteem, confidence, health, and cognitive development. Her approach to vocal pedagogy allows for the individual to express themselves honestly, while acting as a guide to channel their voices using healthy and sustainable techniques.